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Platycerium ridleyi is one of the most striking and beautiful platycerium.  It is difficult to grow.  This species grows very high in trees.  I am told that where P. ridleyi and P. coronarium are found together, it is always above the coronarium.

Subject to rots and other diseases, and a favorite of many plant eating pests.  One problem is that this is a solitary species.  This means that, if an insect eats the bud, the plant will die.

All of the great specimens of P. ridleyi I have ever seen have been growing high in a greenhouse.  Good light and air movement are essential.  In nature, ants inhabit the spaces between the shields, so this species likes fertile, acid conditions.  I have had my best success keeping these plants very wet.  Some growers are reporting success allowing it to approach dryness before watering.  Where high humidity can be provided, this seems a good approach.

P. ridleyi and P. coronarium make a single fertile lobe on each frond.  They are the only platycerium that do this.